About us

Circle.money overview

Circle.money helps you to take care of your claims and debts.

This enables companies that use it to engage in multilateral compensations and close circle of claims and debts between participants. The basic goal of multilateral compensation is to reduce the volume of debts between legal entities on international market. Sophisticated, innovative algorithm chooses optimal path for performing multilateral compensation. Algorithm chooses companies for each compensation round so that it is executed with lowest cost and maximum benefits.

We aim to provide best solution for settling over-due invoices between a large number of companies and other legal entities.

Our team

About us

Davor Pavlović


Nino Cosić

Co-Founder & CMO 5

Ines Idžaković

Founder & CEO 4

Dragan Milovanović

Co-Founder & CTO

Our mission

Our platform aims to live up the standards we believe in:

  • Our service is simple
  • Our products are safe and reliable
  • Our approach is friendly and human
  • Our impact is important – we do Good with no exceptions

So far, we’ve built…

BETA released in August
National multilateral compensations now available in Croatia and Serbia E-signature feature ready to be released in Croatia.First BETA users signing up and entering their debts and claims.

How we work